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Strong And Stylish... Yet Still Affordable

The concept of this collaborative build was to produce an extremely rugged overland camper that would be stout, versatile and still affordable for the average consumer.  We wanted a strong "shark-cage styled” aluminum frame designed to be covered in a special protective shell constructed of incredibly thick .090 gauge aluminum.  

The end result is a trailer characterized by an unprecedented level of strength while remaining extremely lightweight relative to its "armor-inspired" design.  The well-proven off-road capabilities of The Vesper-X®️ are supported by its equally impressive highway stability and seductive aerodynamic silhouette.  Because we knew not everybody has similar tow capacities, we designed it to be lightweight enough to be towed by smaller SUVS and even certain mid-sized cars. 

In short,  The Vesper-X®️ is an elite and uniquely specialized off-road camper that embodies the high-design that many in the overland community have dreamed of,  but could not easily afford... until now!  

 Careful and purposeful design make The Vesper-X®️ advantageous in a wide variety of applications ranging from simple camping, to law enforcement/security deployment, and even to heavy construction hauling.

Because of its diverse range of use, it has recently become the desired trailer for hunters, sportsmen, overlanders, surfers, photographers, travel bloggers, videographers, security contractors, drone operators, property managers, doomsday preppers and even Scout troop leaders. 


WEIGHT:  Approximately 1,700 lbs

  HEIGHT:  4 feet at front  /   5 feet at rear  

 WIDTH:  5 feet 

 LENGTH:  12 feet

TOTAL LENGTH:  Approximately 15.9 feet (includes tongue)

ROOF AND EXTERIOR SHELL:  .090 guage Aluminum

INTERIOR CEILING & WALLS:  .040 gauge Aluminum

TONGUE DIAMETER:  4 inch extreme duty C-Channel

GROUND CLEARANCE:  Approximately 17 inches

 TACTICAL ROOF RACK SYSTEM:  Lower Rack and Ladder included in the Base Price (Optional rear rack available)

STANDARD HITCH TYPE:   Typical Ball Hitch    (Upgradeable to:  Lock and Roll®️)

STANDARD WHEELS:  Black Aluminum 

STANDARD TIRES:  31" Falken Wild Peak M/T

STANDARD AXLES: Tandem Dexter Torflex®️ Suspension Axles rated at 2,500 lbs each 

COLORS AVAILABLE:  "Tactical Black"   "Polar White"   "Ox Blood Red"    "Military Green"

(*Other colors subject to special order and increase in cost may occur)

BASE COST:    $19,900         

ALL features listed below are standard

(Now taking orders by phone!)

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*Standard features will Include a proprietary lower roof rack system w/ ladder, special LED exterior

 auxiliary lighting package (scene lighting, entry door lighting and under-fender rock lighting)  (1) Tactical Tower Light/Video platform + Plus one remote controlled tower search light  (1) USB waterproof exterior gooseneck fender task light

 Special 30 Amp electrical system that utilizes a unique converter-charger battery system (expandable for future accesories),  plus many other military-inspired unique standard features!   Options are constantly evolving and new ones are currently being designed.  Please call us to consult on how we can help you customize your trailer to your specs and within your budget.  We are here to help!

 Please indicate if you are an individual or government agency so we can better assess your needs.


*Call or Text:   407-810-9579  for details,  information and interior photos


Committed to Quality, Durability and Longevity

Are you tired of badly built camping equipment that looks great, but falls apart? Or having to settle with something that is engineered to last, but terrible to look at? We were too. So after numerous interviews and lengthy research, we finally found a trailer manufacturer with a rock-solid reputation for building quality industrial aluminum trailers.  We then partnered with them and their team of highly-skilled engineers to collectively produce the unique Vesper-X®️,  which has been rightfully dubbed by many in the overland community as the very first "Lightweight Armored Overland Camper".  

No matter what your adventure may be, we offer durability along with an ever-growing number of  proprietary attachments and modular interior furniture/accessories that can customize this trailer to your exact needs.  With its standard tandem Dexter Torflex®️ Axles (rated at 2,500lbs each), The Vesper-X®️ can be utilized to haul heavy camping gear (including ATV, dirt bikes, tools,etc) as well as a variety of building materials.


All Aluminum Worry-Free Construction

The frame, chassis and cabin of The Vesper-X®️ is constructed entirely in heavy duty aluminum with absolutely no wood or steel.  This means that it will remain rot-free and rust-free.  This also means that it is an extremely long lasting product that can be passed on to your children and eventually to your grandchildren as well.  It’s durability is also an important consideration as it will provide a long term residual value, should you ever need to sell it in the  future.   It is because aluminum is both sturdy as well as lightweight, that it Is widely used in the aviation industry.  In recent years, aluminum has become the gold-standard for durable construction in numerous camping and overlanding applications.  It’s ability to resist corrosion and its high tensile strength make it perfect for the harsh conditions faced during expeditions on both paved and unpaved trails. 

  An all aluminum construction ensures that your current and future expeditions will be worry-free for years to come. 



Buy Quality...  Buy American Made!

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Dexter Torflex Suspension Explained

Here below is an informative video about our standard suspension system of The Vesper-X®️

Lock and Roll Hitch articulation

Lock and Roll Hitch®️ is a strongly recommended option for The Vesper-X®️   

Option Cost:   $405  (includes both trailer side and tow vehicle side assemblies)

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